Adab Al-Kaatib – أدب الكاتب

Author: Imam Ibn Qutaybah (276H)

Language: Arabic

Binding: Hard Cover

Adab al-Katib is a work written by the famous literary, linguist and Arabic grammarian: Ibn Qutaybah ad-Dinawari (276H).

In this book, he mentions a whole set of theoretical and practical rules concerning Arabic literature that are incumbent on all those who want to undertake to become a writer or to specialize in the Arabic language and its subtleties.

This could be called today: the essential culture for the writer.

The author of this book wanted to make this book a companion for each author or writer in Arabic wishing to correct his language and his writing.

Ibn Khuldun in his Muqaddimah praises this book by saying: “I have heard from my scholars that the foundations and foundations of this science (Arabic language and literature) are based on four great works: “Adab al- Katib”of Ibn Qutaybah, “al-Kâmil” of al-Moubarrid, “al-Bayan Wat-Tabyin” of al-Jahiz, and “an-Nawadir” of Abu ‘Ali al-Qali al-Baghdadi, the rest of the works of this science succeeds these four bases and draws from them.”


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